Adept Research International is a Company Limited registered in Nairobi Kenya under Registrar of Companies. It offers a full cycle of Social and Market Research and Settling In Services.

ADEPT Research is a member of ESOMAR constitutes a pool of social and market research experts with over ten years’ experience in designing research projects, designing data collection tools and collecting data through both qualitative and quantitative approaches.

ADEPT has main offices in Nairobi Kenya and satellite offices in Uganda and Tanzania. She is highly experienced in sampling and data collection, coordination, execution and reporting. In addition, ADEPT has extensive experience in scripting questionnaires on mobile gadgets and conducting mobile data collection in East, West and Central Africa.

ADEPT offers a complete package of research service, undertaking all phases of the research process from designing the study, executing the fieldwork and processing the data, to interpreting and presenting the findings to the client in actionable reports, user-friendly summaries accompanied with conclusions and recommendations.

The table below therefore gives a summary of different types of research that Adept engages in:

Research areas of focus
Qualitative data collection for a value chain development and analysis project

As advocates for research ethics, we reinforce human rights-based approach in our data collection.

•Prior consent is sought from the Government Administrations and County Administrators before the field research team visit.

•Village Chiefs happen to be the gate keepers at community level. Consequently, our field team seek their consent before getting into a community. At the office level the consent of the respondent is sought before start of interviews.

•For child respondents, consent of parents/guardians is sought and the child is asked to assent before start of interviews.


Adept focal team have received trainings in Human Subjects Protection (HSP), and this is renewed annually.  As active members of ESOMAR, the world organization for the promotion of best practice with respect to market and social research and advocating self-regulation, the team fully adheres to the International Code of Market and Social Research.  Guiding principles in the Belmont report that we are fully cognizant of and we apply when conducting social research includes:

•Respects for persons,

•Beneficence and justice (fairness in the selection of potential participants.

Data collection training

Adept OneStop Homes is an arm of Adept Research International; that engages in offering immigration, home finding, settling in and furniture renting services for clients and stakeholders who are relocating to Kenya.