Market Research

Adept- Market Research division is a full-service research unit that handles research process from design, fieldwork, data capture to analysis. The division works indirectly through affiliate agencies in Pan-African countries and all the 47 Counties in Kenya. Our staff experience in Pan African market spreads to Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda, DRC Congo, Sudan, Ethiopia, Nigeria, Burundi, Zambia, Malawi, Ghana and South Africa.

The division therefore, has competencies to satisfactorily deliver in the following facets in as far as market place is concerned;

-Usage and attitudes
-New product development
-Advertising testing
-Mystery shoppers
-Ethnographies-in-home interviews
-Concept and product testing
-Situational/gap analysis
-Customer satisfaction
-Packaging and communication testing
-Working environment/staff surveys
-Feasibility studies e.t.c  
Different market surveys conducted